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Bluetooth 5.1 wireless headphones

● HD sound quality

No matter where you are now, you can enjoy the unique sound of your favorite music anytime, anywhere. Despite its small size, a completely wireless Bluetooth headset will allow you to experience perfect and clear sound with high sound quality and a good microphone.

● Quality and technology

The combination of the highest quality of the materials used and the latest technology guarantees a wonderful natural sound with clean bass.

● Sports style

When designing headphones, the focus is on their ergonomic design so that they are comfortable and can listen for a long time. This headset is suitable for various situations, and its elegant design and sporty characteristics make it very versatile.Why choose these headphones?

● Bluetooth 5.1 chip

● Touch control

● Long battery life

● LED battery display

● Comfortable to wear

● Audio decoding

● Fully compatible

● Low game latency

● Waterproof and sweatproof

● 360° stereo

● Cool breathing light

● Get rid of cables

The wireless model will effectively free you from tangled cables and provide excellent sound quality. Wireless earphones are suitable for any situation, do not restrict exercise and provide the maximum dose of power.Smart fingerprint touch

● One click to call your voice assistant, open the music player, navigate and travel etc. Listen to your instructions for free control at any time

● Game/music mode switch-double click/left and right ears

● Play status-click/pause

● Long press for 1.5s/up and downCool breathing lights

The creative design of the new earphones adds novel breathing lights to the performance and appearance of the earphones. Immerse yourself in music and enjoy the coolness of science and technology brought by this appearance.

● HD connection

● Effective protection against noise

● Two-channel conversation, effectively reducing background noise

● Calls are clearer and communication is smootherBluetooth 5.1 high-speed transmissiont

5.1 chip, effectively improve the transmission speed, the stability of the model is increased by 99%, refuse to listen to the song intermittently, resist wind and noise, and there is no noise to make the other party hear more clearly.

● Version 5.1 Bluetooth:

● Low battery consumption

● Longer distance (up to 10 meters)

● Higher distortion resistance (EDR filter)

● More stable sound

● No noise

● Perfect and clear sound

● Interact with your phone faster

● Headphone battery in mobile phoneHigh crystal molecular diaphragm speaker, 360° stereo sound

A.Dynamic unit design, good audio analysis, undistorted details, and excellent immersive listening experience.

B.Choose professional internal magnetic speakers, add a bass diaphragm at the bottom, full bass, bright high sound, it will make you addicted to listening at once.

C.The graphene composite diaphragm has light weight, fast response and high fidelity, which helps to optimize the high-frequency extension of the sound to reflect richer details.Charging time

● The headset charging compartment has a powerful battery with hidden capacity, which can ensure that two headsets can be charged to full charge instantly.

● The main unit is continuously used for 6 hours without powering, listening to music for up to 12 hours, and the total standby time is 130 hours.

● We put the earphones in a protective case with an energy bank, and charge the earphones by induction. You just need to put the headset in the charging case, and the charging process will start automatically.

● Low energy consumption and long battery life.

Powerful battery technology.

The battery has a long life and is both compact and durable.

Mini charging compartment, more convenient to carry.Music mode

● The built-in HF chip is transparent and powerful for deep analysis of sound quality, just like a live performance.

● The integrated audio circuit has noise cancellation and good suppression performance.

● High sensitivity improves the call experience, and the built-in HF chip deeply analyzes the sound quality.ios / android can be used

Regardless of whether you are a mobile phone, tablet or computer, as long as the device supports Bluetooth technology, we can use it.


The headphones presented in this offer work great with any device that has the Bluetooth option.If you have trouble pairing the headset:

● You must remove the bluetooth pairing from the headphones on your phone or other device.

● Place the headphones in the case, just like when charging, and take them out after a while.

● The headphones should both flash.

● One of them – no matter which one we click twice

● After a while, one of the headphones will turn off, which means that the pair has been created.

● We reconnect the headphones to the phone or other device

● Each subsequent pairing will be automatic.

● This is because the headphones can work individually or in a duet as a stereo set.

● The same procedure allows you to disconnect the headphones from each other and use each with a different phone

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රු3,990.00රු5,000.00 (-20%)

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