5 in 1 Electric Pore Cleaner Facial Washing Machine

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  • Deep clean;
  • Gently remove dead skin and exfoliating;
  • Stimulate face blood circulation, skin tightening;
  • Promote absorption;
  • Anti-acne and fade spot;
  • Remove blackhead.

5 in 1 Electric Pore Cleaner Facial Washing Machine Waterproof Body Cleaning Massage Skin Beauty Massager Brush

1. Deep cleaning;
2. Gently remove dead skin and exfoliate;
3. Stimulate facial blood circulation and tighten skin;
4. Promote absorption;
5. Anti-acne and blemish;
6. Remove blackheads.
* Multifunctional (5 in 1):
1. Rolling massager: massage the face to improve blood circulation and prevent skin aging.
2. Soft brush: remove all foreign matter on the surface.
3. Makeup sponge: after cleansing, further massage to improve blood circulation
4. Scrub head: remove dead skin and aging cutin, can also be used to grind the thick layer of nails.
5. Latex sponge: Deeply clean the dirt in the pores and massage the face at the same time.
* Note 1:
1. Due to various factors that affect our skin, in order to obtain better makeup effect, we recommend that you use this product together with cleansing milk to develop a good diet and sleep habits, so that your skin will become more Beautiful, good luck to you!
2. This product is not waterproof, please remember not to put it in water.
3. When cleaning or massaging, please gently touch the skin.
* This is a safe and affordable way to cleanse the face, improve skin texture and improve muscle tone.
With the help of facial massager, you can easily maintain your skin
In just a few minutes, you can have healthier, elastic and crystal clear skin.
Removes dead skin cells and makes skin younger.
Massage and apply cream to better penetrate the skin and maintain nutrition and moisture.
Remove the hard cells under the elbow.
* Dimensions (L * W): 13 x 7cm / 5.12 “x2.75” (approx.)
* Handle width: 3.8 cm / 1.49 inches (approx.)
* Quantity: 1 set (as shown)
* Color: as shown

* Massager with 5 accessories:

1. Coarse polishing accessories: tear open the tough skin and cut it off.
2. Latex soft sponge: massage the cheeks.
3. Makeup sponge: used to massage and clean the skin.
4. Rolling massager: improve blood condition from skin aging.
5. Soft brush: remove all attachments on the surface.
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5 in 1 Electric Pore Cleaner Facial Washing Machine

රු1,290.00රු2,000.00 (-36%)

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